Hello! I'm Hiroaki "MARO" Yoshida. Guitarist of GAMADELIC (VIDEO GAME MUSIC BAND) in Japan. The Band is playing music of DATA EAST'S VIDEO GAME usualy performance. My guitar play style is HARD ROCK INSTRUMENTAL & JAZZ & R&B & BLUES. Maro's Music Bar Overseas is a site for World-Class Fans. It's a private shop that originates from an artist who deals with products related to musician Hiroaki "MARO" Yoshida . We have also started selling at the live venue / event site, but it is difficult to visit in the distance, but I want that goods! I would like to answer the fans / customers' needs. Hiroaki ”MARO” Yoshida experienced sound production after the sound production of the PCM sampling chip / full voice / BGM stream era since the era of the FM sound source 2 operator chip in the '80's arcade game development start period. Currently it shifts to music performance & original production activity. Main members who continued to play from the formation of GAMADELIC continued active since the early days of the so-called game music band in the '90s to pauses. That GAMADELIC resumes activities in the period of GMTL (Game Music Tribute Live) in 2013, its revival live album is also on sale. Parallelly solo projects are also exploring. Please wait without being impatient. Hiroaki "MARO" Yoshida has always kept my heart filled with music so that the music will reach deeply into everyone's heart. Thank you.. (※ 日本国内への商品発送は対応しておりません。) (※ Sorry. It does not correspond to the shipping inside of Japan.)