GAMADELIC GOODS SET << 3 Set Only! Maro's Music Bar Overseas Open Special Sales! >>
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GAMADELIC GOODS SET << 3 Set Only! Maro's Music Bar Overseas Open Special Sales! >>

3,500 JPY

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Maro's Music Bar Overseas Open Special Sales GAMADELIC GOODS SET (3set Only!) Overseas Special Price ! ※ T-shirt Retractable 100% Cotton Gildan company, use heavy dough fabric Size is for children or women. ※Mouse pad Size about 249 x 209 x 3 mm ※ Magnetic sheet Size about 140 x 110 x 0.4 mm ※ Ballpoint pen (0.5 mm thick font) Size 148 mm x 15 mm x 12 mm Easy to hold with rubber grip, smooth writing comfort ※ Can batch (GAMADELIC & KARNOV set) Size Diameter about 25 mm, thickness 3 mm ※tote bag Size about 360 x 340 x 60 mm The canvas tote bag is an environmentally friendly item, it is a big success in business, school, everyday use, infinite use! ※ Amulet (This is a joke goods) Protection against bullet-proofing with 2016 calendar When shooting games / action shooting / survival games, etc., exclude bullets, watch over enemy battle dominance / full clear / achieve fulfillment. However, there are individual differences in the effect.It is important. Let's remove it when the bullet flew with your eyes open. (Note) Your charge will be the product cost + shipping and handling fee. Package will be delivered via "International Registered Air Small Packet" service from Japan, which is very reliable, we would like to avoid any trouble. We will ship the package within 3 days after receiving your order, delivery usually takes 10 to 15 days. Thank you very much for your support!